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The Body Shop Experience



Dear Chris Wooten and Body Shop Staff,

We cannot express how much our time at The Body Shop has changed our lives.  We both want to thank everyone at The Body Shop for all the hard work and dedication that everyone brings to every workout.  The Body Shop has not been just a gym for us.  It has been a place to meet new friends, a sounding board for life’s problems, and has generated a total lifestyle change.  Since joining The Body Shop our eating habits have improved, our marriage has gotten stronger, and our general life has become much healthier and happier.
It is evident from the moment you walk through the door that every trainer their loves their job and wants to make you a better person in all aspects of life.  You look forward to the workouts, even the ones that kick your butt and make you want to vomit!  It is truly an awesome experience, not just a workout.  The trainers not only motivate and push you, but also inject humor into the workout which makes it fun.  Every workout is different, unique, and challenging.  From flipping tires to caring rocks over your head, the trainers are creative in how they approach each and every workout.

Ashley and I would personally like to thank the trainers we have worked closely with, Chris, Greg, and Virginia. Thanks for kicking our butts, pushing us to the vomit level, and motivating us when we felt like we just couldn’t go any further or give any more. We owe our fitness success and life changing experience to you all. Chris I would like to extend a special thanks to you for putting up with Ashley’s mouth, bossiness, and complaints. She is a mess! Ashley would like to thank Virginia for killing her at every workout and always catching her every time she did something wrong and for motivating her when she felt like she couldn’t go anymore. She always said she was terrified to mess up in her class! Greg, I would like to thank you for the out of the box work outs.  There are not many people I get out of bed for at 5:00 AM.  You rekindled a passion for weight lifting and definitely bulked me up in such a short time.  We really appreciate everything y’all have done for us and all the effort you put into the workouts. All of you are very special to us and we are going to miss you.

Leaving Lexington for Richmond, VA was a difficult decision for us.  One of the factors that played into the decision was leaving The Body Shop gym.  I would have never thought that leaving a gym would have factored into such a life changing decision to take a better job out of the state.   We really will miss everyone from The Body Shop – Trainers, Friends, and even “The Shed”.  Damn that Shed.


Justin and Ashley Partin 



Thanks so much Chris I mean it when I say that I could not have done any of that without you and Mary.  You all have changed my life forever!!  I am not looking back I am just looking forward to the future and hopefully a half marathon!!

Alisa Chapella



I wanted to thank everyone there for organizing a terrifically fun Turkey Trot at Golden Hills last month.  One of the toughest courses I've ever run, but the most fun I've ever had.  My dad, my brother, my nephew and I all ran - and had a terrific time.

From the pre-race speech, the fantastic National Anthem, the organization, the support and cheering - all super.  Thanks for all the hard work - very much appreciated.

Merry Christmas to all,

Joel Weiss, New York City


Hi Chris!  I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful trainer Virginia is!  You probably already know this since she works for you, but I just feel like she deserves my praise.  She is always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and achieve things I never thought I could physically.  She supports me in my goals and really cares about me achieving them.  The notes she sends me are great and keeps me motivated!  She has helped my self esteem and reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to.  Support like that is so important to someone like me that has always had a low self esteem and been over weight.  Losing weight is one of the hardest things I have had to do, not only physically, but more mentally.  Virginia helps with both.  I can't say enough about her!  I just appreciate her so much and wanted to let you know...just in case you did not know already!  :)

Being a lifetime soccer enthusiast, I have always understood the advantage that teams have who posses superior conditioning attributes and technically sound agility skills. I have had the wonderful opportunity to see first hand how much, Chris Wooten and the Staff at "The Body Shop", positively affected the success of my team. I would like to think that coaching had a lot to do with their success over the years, but I know, "The Body Shop's" contribution, to my team's success, made up for many coaching shortfalls. Many games are won and lost in the last 15 minutes of play and being the physically superior team is worth it's weight in gold. My team worked out with "The Body Shop" for 5 years straight, many Finalist titles, Tournament Championship titles and a State Championship title are a testament to their work ethic and character, Both of which the Staff at the Body Shop  played a major role in. Thank you Chris and staff for everything...

-Coach David Lloyd, White Knoll High School Soccer



Chris and the Bodyshop Gang are tremendous! It is a intimate place where everyone is ALWAYS HIGH ENERGY, EVERYTIME!  They are there to make the your training time count. Extremely personal and productive. I have never seen anything like it!

-Bryan Springer D.M.D, Aesthetic Smile Studio-Lexington, SC



For the last four years, the Mens Golf Team at LHS has participated in off-season conditioning under the guidance of the staff at the Body Shop. For our program, these workouts have had two important benefits. First, the staff at the Body Shop developed a golf-specific workout regiment that was taylor made for the sport of golf with an emphasis on flexibility, core-strength, balance and attention is paid to strengthening those body components that are essential to the golf swing - the shoulders, the abdomen, the lower back, hips and quads. Our trainer takes great interest in each one of our players and wants them to work and excel.  Secondly, through our workouts our teams have been given the opportunity to work out away from the golf course in an environment that creates a healthy team concept and encourages all team members to encourage and be supportive of each other. The Body Shop provides a positive, wholesome place for our athletes to train and grow.

-Kelly Evans, Lexington High School Mens Golf



Hi Laura. I want to thank you for meeting with me and for all the very helpful information that you gave to me about nutrition. I refer to my handouts often. I have liked trying some of the new things on your list and my husband even liked the black bean dip and soy chips (which I was surprised about). I also wanted you to know that I did participate in the Mud Run. It was an awesome experience for me and I even exceeded my expectations of myself. My team came in at 1 hr and 9 min. At this point in my life, this is the biggest personal accomplishment that I have ever reached. I have never participated in such an event. Although I have always exercised, I am not from a family of exercisers, healthy eaters or out-doorsy people. So this made it even a bigger accomplishment for me. I can't tell you how much my trainings during the summer (workouts with Bridgett and the Saturday morning trainings) at the Body Shop helped me. I really liked the Christian atmosphere and found that this approach inspired me even more. I have completed my trainings for now but I am finding that I am missing them. So I may go back from time-to-time for check-in sessions. I will definitely do the Mud Run again.



Just wanted to give you an update on my son and his tryouts for the Basket Ball team...he made it.  He was one of five 7th graders selected.  Thanks for the work you guys did.
He's done it!!!  After walking in the door and saying "I want to lose 100 lbs.",  he is there! David Pace of Lexington is Bodyshop Athletics client of the month.  After not being able to jog a lap, he is now doing Mud Run training on Saturdays along with his 3 other workouts each week.  He is and entirely different person.  It proves with hard work and dedication that anything is possible.

As a coach of 2 sports that require very different training, I feel very comfortable sending our athletes to Chris at the Body Shop. They get the proper workout and nutritional info as well as being trained by people with character. 

- Bailey Harris, Lexington High School Mens Basketball and Cross Country Coach



My first day working out at the Bodyshop was such a "wake-up call" for me. I did not realize how out of shape I really was, nor did I realize my potential for doing something about it. I started working out in January with my trainer, Mary, who showed me that I could do far more than I ever imagined I could.  The Body Shop has completely changed my life.  I have lost fat and inches, gained muscle, and recently ran the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run without stopping!  Wow, I never thought I could do that!  It is the most challenging and fun workout I have ever done.  I am so grateful to God for providing me the opportunity and ability.  I appreciate Mary for pushing me farther than I would have ever pushed myself and encouraging me along the way with her words and instruction.  I also appreciate the accountability of my workout buddies, DeDe and Theresa.  It all makes such a difference.   Thank you Body Shop!  I look forward to many more workouts!



Hey Chris, I wanted to tell you that my son has LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your summer program. (This is saying something major b/c he is not a big fan of organized sports, begged out of TaeKwon Do 3 belts from his black belt...) Also, you should know his first sentence after his first day there: "Mom, the people there are really encouraging.  They don't make you feel like a loser if you don't do something right.  They just try to help you and cheer you on."  THAT makes all the difference to a kid and you should be proud of your staff.  All too often in physical education, performance is valued above effort.  When a child can't out-perform everyone, it seems fruitless to even try.   I knew there must be a reason that ALL my girlfriends work out there...and, yes,it even makes me (a devout non-sweater) CONSIDER it!!  :)   

-Amy Francis