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 LHS Cross Country State Champions

We are proud to say that we currently train literally hundreds of athletes from River Bluff, White knoll, Brookland Cayce, and Lexington High Schools.  Virtually every sport, from Football to Golf and Softball to Tennis are represented everyday.

We also offer team training to entire little league teams for speed and agility work.  From football, to soccer and baseball, teams are starting to realize that there is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in WIN, and with our proven training methods, we can help you achieve that.

Check out a few of our testimonies:

  "As a coach of 2 sports that require very different training, I feel very comfortable sending our athletes to Chris at the Bodyshop Athletics. They get the proper workout and nutritional info as well as being trained by people with character".

Lexington high school Mens basketball and Cross Country Coach - Bailey Harris

For the last 4 years, the men's golf team at LHS has participated in off-season conditioning under the guidance of the staff at the Body Shop. For our program, these workouts have had two important benefits. First, the staff at the Body Shop developed a golf-specific workout regiment that was taylor made for the sport of golf with an emphasis on flexibility, core-strength, balance and attention is paid to strengthening those body components that are essential to the golf swing - the shoulders, the abdomen, the lower back, hips and quads. Our trainer,  takes great interest in each one of our players and wants them to work and excel.  Secondly, through our workouts our teams have been given the opportunity to work out away from the golf course in an environment that creates a healthy team concept and encourages all team members to encourage and be supportive of each other. The Body Shop provides a positive, wholesome place for our athletes to train and grow.

Kelly Evans, Lexington High School Mens Golf

Being a lifetime soccer enthusiast, I have always understood the advantage that teams have who posses superior conditioning attributes and technically sound agility skills. I have had the wonderful opportunity to see first hand how much, Chris Wooten and the Staff at "The Body Shop", positively affected the success of my team. I would like to think that coaching had a lot to do with their success over the years, but I know, "The Body Shop's" contribution, to my team's success, made up for many coaching shortfalls. Many games are won and lost in the last 15 minutes of play and being the physically superior team is worth it's weight in gold. My team worked out with "The Body Shop" for 5 years straight, many Finalist titles, Tournament Championship titles and a State Championship title are a testament to their work ethic and character, Both of which the Staff at the Body Shop  played a major role in. Thank you Chris and staff for everything...

Coach David Lloyd, White Knoll High School Soccer