Club Chritmas Party Dec. 9th 5-7pm

        A-M Bring a side            N-Z Bring a desert

We will provide the BBQ, BEER, and BAND

 Call Proshop for details 803-951-8851



      Kristin's Cafe

A fantastic cafe, located inside our Proshop.

Enjoy freshly prepared food, after your game

or simply pop along for lunch! 

Smoothies, salads, sandwiches and MUCH more!


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Bodyshop Athletics believes that there are         

four essentials of athletics:

Power, Agility, Speed and Strength

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 We call this our P.A.S.S. program.  So many young people (as well as parents) will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on new shoes or equipment and lessons, but don't understand that if you don't get stronger and train the machine that moves these things, you will never be truly successful.  We work on not only getting you stronger and faster; we teach you how to control those new talents once you have learned them.

Injury prevention: No matter the talent or skill level of the athlete, if you don't train the body to compensate or react to certain stresses put on it, it will break down.  Most of the trouble is starting an athlete too young and just going out on the field or court and playing without training the muscles to work and take the stress out of the joints.  We will train the muscles and help you aquire the skills to use them in the most efficient manner.

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