Club Chritmas Party Dec. 9th 5-7pm

        A-M Bring a side            N-Z Bring a desert

We will provide the BBQ, BEER, and BAND

 Call Proshop for details 803-951-8851



      Kristin's Cafe

A fantastic cafe, located inside our Proshop.

Enjoy freshly prepared food, after your game

or simply pop along for lunch! 

Smoothies, salads, sandwiches and MUCH more!


 2017 Tennis Membership Deals  





P.A.C Class
P.A.C.  (Plyometrics, Abdominals, Conditioning) All Ages (9:00 Friday morning) “This ain’t your momma’s YOGA class”!  A hardcore hour long workout to get you whipped into shape in the shortest amount of time possible. If you are looking for the best workout of your life, this is the class for you. Join us this Friday at 9:00.