Kristin's Cafe

Freshly prepared food to order...enjoy some lunch after your game!   Order before your game starts, and it will be ready for you once you finish.



  Saturday Tennis Clinics

Women @ 9:00am

Men @ 10:30am



2017 Tennis Membership Deals  





Bootcamps and Group sessions are offered in several different levels.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced ("wide open"). Please call to schedule your evaluation so that you can be placed in the boot camp that best fits your needs. 803-359-3001 or email

What is a bootcamp? Watch the video and see for yourself!

    Group Sessions 1hour

1x per week = $50 Per Month

2x per week = $90 Per Month

Unlimited = $110 Per Month

Family Price for 2 members at 2x a week each= $130 Per Month

Family Price for 2 members at 3x a week each = $160 Per Month 

Family Price for 2 members for unlimited bootcamps a week=$ 180 Per Month

*Group session PAY PER SESSION $15 per workout*