Welcome our New Tennis Director Mark Hancock




A Message from the Owner: Chris Wooten

As the owner of Bodyshop Athletics, I want to make a promise to you that I am always only a phone call away from any questions or concerns that you may ever have. Please feel free to call on me if my staff or I can ever do anything to assist you or you family. I searched for a long time to find true happiness in this world. It wasn’t until I turned my life, family and occupation, over to Jesus Christ that I finally realized what an awesome opportunity I have to help people. Thank you again for inquiring and spending a little time with us. Whether you become a client for the next 20 years, or just let us enjoy a few moments of your time, I pray that you too will find the true happiness in life that I have found with the Physical and spiritual ministry that God lets me enjoy everyday. If you have any questions regarding this information or we can enhance your time with us as a client, please do not hesitate to ask!

Yours in health,

Chris Wooten

P.S. Remember you cannot change the way you are unless you change what you have always done!